I started this blog a long time ago. It has been through 2 life cycles and now it s about to embark on it’s third life. Man does the time fly. Version 1 was simple, straight forward. The theme was free and it fits the needs at the time. A couple years later, I happen to come across a better theme and gave that a chance for a while. Last year my site was attacked and taken over by hackers. That was the death of version 2. Version 3 was installed a few months ago and until today I haven’t really given it much thought. I think it’s time to bring The Pearl back to life one more time. This time with a little twist. No longer will I keep myself to only posting on programming or just in python. This time around I will give myself the freedom to write about anything I see fit. Of course, we will see where this goes.

I can’t help but thinking, if only I stuck with it back then, where would I be now? Probably no where different then where I am now, writing a blog post. Still, time passes by so quickly, that sometime we miss the long term option. We live in the here and now and typically forget about the long term game. Well, relative long term. I don’t know that anyone knows how long they have. I might be hit by a bus tomorrow. Or maybe today. I hope not. I need to start seeing things through. Sticking to something for a long time. I hope I will use this blog more without letting the past repeat itself, but who knows.

Since this is a new blog, let me start fresh. I am a 35 year old programmer from eastern USA. I prefer not to reveal my identity because of…. ammmm…. work. Let’s go with work. I have a degree in Computer Science and I am a very fast learner. In fact, that might be my curse. I get board with things too easily. Take my job for example. I started working at my current position about a year ago. I was so excited back then. I finally had a salaried job and no longer had to worry about how I would pay my bills. Although I still needed to make sure I pay them. Now, I hate my job. More particularly my work place. It has changed so much since I got hired. Almost everyone I started with either left or got fired. All the people the interviewed me are no longer there. That might be the reason I have time to go home and blog instead of being at my desk. With that in mind, I probably should head back to work.

Until the next time,

Captain DeadBones